NCC drills northern journalists on crisis reporting


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As part of activities to mark this year’s World Press Freedom Day, the Vice-president of the National Communication Council, Mr. Peter Essoka, presided over a seminar on May 6, 2015 in Ngaoundere in the Adamawa region where over sixty media professionals from the three northern regions were drilled on responsible newsgathering and the treatment of information during crises.



The initiative, hailed by journalists and Adamawa governor, Mr Abakar Ahamat, also served as occasion for the media professionals and the public in the Adamawa, North and Far North regions to know the workings of the Council in detail as well as its evolution.

In his address, Mr. Essoka, who called for a minute of silence to be observed in honour of those who have fallen on the war front, said unbridled press freedom, especially in times of crises, would put society in jeopardy.

As a result, he called on media professionals to always show respect for the truth, cultivate honesty, be frank when making criticisms, base their reporting on credible sources, treat information impartially and turn down gratification from persons who want certain information to be published or hushed.

In an exposé on “the journalist’s social responsibility in newsgathering and the treatment of information during crises,” CRTV journalist Eric Benjamin Lamere, who has been covering the war against Boko Haram from the front, said journalism is more than just reporting facts. It is about “what” to report and “how” to report, which implies selection and responsibility and hence, high standards of ethics and principles, especially when reporting on conflicts.

He challenged journalists, given the dispensation Cameroon currently finds itself in, to seek a better understanding of conflicts in order to be armed with evaluative criteria, tools, and analytical approaches for the sake of knowing how better to deal with them.

He added that only such understanding will prop the concepts of balance, fairness and accuracy in the traditional news reporting.

Prior to the seminar, the NCC’s delegation from May 3 to 5, 2015 toured the following media houses in the Adamawa region; Radio Campus, Radio Annour, Radio Bonne Nouvelle, SOPECAM, DBS, Le Jour, l’Oeil du Sahel,, CRTV Adamawa, Radio la Distinction, Radio Sawtu Linjila and New Stars Horizon II cable distributors.

The NCC’s delegation was made up of Vice President Peter Essoka, Councilor Jean Bruno Tagne, Councilor Alfaki Abdourahman, the Secretary General Professor Jean Tobie Hond, the Director of General Affairs Mr. Placide Bessala, the Head of the Communication Unit Mr. Alain Denis Mbezele, the Head of the Monitoring and Technology Unit Mr. Lele Mepe Firmin, the Head of the Legal Unit Mrs. Carine Mman and two other Council staff.








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